Arab specialized organizations and members of the organizations for coordination and follow-up emanating from the Economic and Social Council
Organiztion NameCivil Aviation Authority
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* Decision of the Council of Arab Ministers of Transport No. 106 dated 1-2 / 10/1993 (Session 8). *Economic and Social Council resolution 1223 of 8-9 September 1994 (54th session). *Decision of the Council of the League of Arab States No. 5440 of 15 September 1994 (102nd session). I started

The Commission worked on 21/5/1993​

General ManagerEng. Abdul Nabi Manar
Address20 Ait Ba'amran Street, Mohamed VI Street, Suezy, Rabat, PO Box 5025, Rabat 10105, Kingdom of Morocco
Phone658340 – 658323 (212537 )
Fax658111 – 658154( 212537 )
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